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    One of the few times where Iroh is blunt as hell

    Iroh was the best man

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  4. Sometimes I wonder whether people I used to really like and still think of often come upon my posts on their dashes and actually remember who I am. I wonder whether they miss talking to me like I miss talking to them, or whether they thought of me as family once upon a time, too. 

    Bridges break. People change.

    I’ve never been very good at communication, or at keeping lines open. Sometimes I need a good firm push and a conversation starter. Sometimes I just want to ask people how they’ve been and what’s been going on in their lives. 

    Most of the time I’m too scared.

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    Eridan Ampora? More like


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    Hannibal + Restraints (๏‿๏✿)

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    I am not comfortable
    in my own skin;
    But I am trying
    to be. Damn it,
    I am trying to be.
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